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Kramer College Consulting offers a personalized and comprehensive approach to the college search and application process. With college admissions becoming more competitive than ever and school counselors' workloads continuing to increase, families are feeling stressed and anxious about the college process. We will be your partner in navigating this cumbersome, complicated, and evolving process. Below is an overview of the individualized services we provide.

  • Select high school courses to challenge student and increase rigor of curriculum

  • Identify meaningful extracurricular and volunteer activities

  • Explore leadership potential and opportunities

  • Preliminary assessment of college search criteria 

  • Establish testing strategy for SAT and ACT 

  • Research best-fit colleges and provide personalized college list

  • Develop college resume items to include academic honors, extracurricular activities and work experience

  • Prepare student for college visits and evaluate how each school fits student

  • Guide student in obtaining teacher recommenders

  • Brainstorm and generate personal statement and essay topics

  • Understand and position student to maximize admissions profile

  • Finalize college list

  • Manage deadlines for college application deliverables

  • Present activity list in professional and concise format

  • Assist in writing and editing admission essays

  • Assist in completion of college applications

  • Prepare student for effective college interviews

  • Provide guidance on admission and application follow up

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